Kit SPL M15k

Kit SPL M15k

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SKU : Kit Spl 15000w
Brand : SPL Show / Monster HERTZ



The Hertz MP 15K UNLIMITED spl car audio amplifier can deliver over 15.000 W. The enormity of this project amazes; both in terms of the physical “size” of the product itself and of the sheer energy it generates.
The power supply stage features 8 toroidal transformers and the output stage, settable in bridged or stereo mode, features 20 -190A/360V impulsive current Mosfets: solid, robust power and thermal dissipation without compromise.
Direct Current® , the power supply connection system, transfers power between the battery and amplifier with very low contact resistance, to achieve the current transfer required for high SPL systems.
The Hertz SPL Stack System® provides the ability to stack multiple MP 15K UNLIMITED amplifiers, using 6 robust iron Brackets. With the Hertz SPL Stack System® your system can deliver 15.000 W, 30.000 W, 45.000 W, or more, just stack and connect!

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Brackets included





Data table

Channel mode 2-1
Output Power (RMS) 
@ 14.4 VDC
Impedance Stereo Bridge
4Ω 1500 W x 2 5600 W x 1
2Ω 2800 W x 2 9000 W x 1
1Ω 4500 W x 2 12000 W x 1


OFF / Lo-pass: 40 ÷ 150 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.

Distortion - THD 
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
0.15 %
S/N Ratio 
(A weighted @ 1V)
69 dB
Damping factor 
(100Hz @ 4Ω)
> 950
Size W x D x H 
mm (in.)
323 x 830 x 68,5 (12.8 x 32.7 x 2.8)

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    4 x 1/0 AWG cables secured to the amplifier through 4 x 2,5 mm thick copper buss bars connected directly to the printed circuit board, to transfer power between battery and amplifier with very low contact resistance.

    Hertz SPL Stack System® stacks multiple amplifiers thanks to the 6 supplied 2 mm robust iron brackets mounted on the threaded points on the heatsink.
  • MG 15 BASS

    Subwoofer Mobile Group

    MG 15 Bass is the mobile assembly designed for the MM 15 UNLIMITED car audio subwoofers ; it is the ideal solution for those who look for a deep, undistorted bass. The innovative RMA (Removable Moving Assembly) provides the ability to replace the entire mobile assembly in few seconds, without removing the speaker from its mounting position. MG 15 Bass features a 60 mm long excursion aluminium voice coil wound on a four-layer KSV former as well as a Double Symmetrical Spider system and a motor design optimized to increase thermal and mechanical capability. The water repellent pressed paper cone is enclosed by high density foam surrounds, to ensure maximum linearity even at high excursions.

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    Data table

    Size mm (in.) 380 (15)
    Power Handling - Peak W 8000
    Power Handling - Continuous W 2000
    Impedance Ω 1 + 1
    Frequency response Hz 28 ÷ 700
    Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 75 (3)
    Cone/Dome Water-repellent, pressed paper
    Xmax mm 20
    X-mech mm (in.) 35 (1.4)
    Re Ω 2,3
    Fs Hz 30
    Vas l 81,9
    Qts 0,5
    Qes 0,55
    Qms 5,55
    Spl dB 94


    Subwoofer Motor Group

    MM 12.1 UNLIMITED and MM 15.1 UNLIMITED car audio subwoofers are exclusively designed for SPL competitions. In order to achieve the best performance on each individual race circuit, the SPL Monster subwoofers offer the ability to choose the moving assembly which is most appropriate for the overall system design, achieving maximum SPL in every competition. MM 15.1 UNLIMITED is a 15 in. (380 mm) motor group. In order to ensure constant, even flux, it features high magnetic permeability plates. The oversized magnet provides perfect control even under very high excursion conditions. Basket and motor are coupled and damped through a special epoxy glue.

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    Data table

    Size mm (in.) 380 (15)
    Magnet Double magnet, High density flux ferrite
    Magnet size D x d x h mm (in.) 2 x 230 x 25 (2 x 9.1 x 1)


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